Nice guys exist!.. But they are not for you.

Girl, stop crying for this fucker. He left you ? And what ? Earth still turn around the sun and birds still shit on you hair. Nothing else changed. Ok, your heart is broken, but try to fix it with the Super Glue 3rd Generation and go out to get a hangover with your very best friends.
You know, those friends who are not afraid to pee when you are calling them, those friends who are lying on the floor just after one fucking tequila sunrise, those friends who make you smile as ridiculous they are, just in being themselves.
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After this fucking hard time you lived, the best medicines are your best friends. Going out with them is the best way to feel that you still alive, that you still an entire a person and not the quarter you think that your ex left behind him. And you know what, being happy is the best way to let him regretting that you’re gone. Are you in a doubt ? You think he will certainly think that you forgot him and will go ahead in his life ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Listen, darling. If you are fucking jealous when you just see a simple smiley on his Facebook wall, be sure he will think that he was a fucking piece of shit in your life and you are the girl who will make him feel a man.
So, kick your butt, slap your face to be awaken and go eat the world instead this hot fudge Häagen-Dazs with belgium chocolate and being watching Bridget Jones 2 in streaming for the fifth time.

OK. It was a Ben&Jerry’s. Leave me alone.

And now, ask yourself the right question. What is important : make him back to you, or being HAPPY ? Yeah, you would be happy if he comes back. But if he left, it was because something went wrong and maybe you were sadder than him before the broken relationship.
Some of my ex boyfriends would kill me.

Some of my ex boyfriends would kill me.

In any case, do never forget. It’s not because this asshole made you mad of men that they are all like him. Ok, he is not the first in your life to do that to you, but remember : Nice guys exist!.. But they are just not for you, babe.
Follow my recommendations:
– Stay high
– If you want a hug, catch your cat or buy a Teddy Bear
– Alcohol is not a solution… fuck that shit, go take some vodka-redbull, this is fucking good!
– Do not run after a stranger bed (if he’s brazilian or scandinavian, Jesus is great. Jesus forgives you)
– Go out with your friends (girls-guys and PHOTOS)
– Listen to Iggy Azalea and « shake that shit, shake that shit »
– « I will Survive » is your call to prayer
– Take care of yourself (we will see how on another post!)
– Laugh every day, even if you still think of him with all this snot on your face.